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Little Orchard Lamancha Dairy Goats

LaMancha Dairy Goats

 ~ Celebrating 68 Years in Dairy Goats ~ 

 ~ Recognized by ADGA as an Historic Herd Name ~ 

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 ~ Premier LaMancha Breeder 2011 ADGA National Show ~ 

Welcome to Little Orchard Dairy Goats. We are located in central New Jersey on a 7-1/2-acre farm. Little Orchard was founded in 1954 with a small herd of Saanens. In 1969 we purchased our first LaMancha. In 1981, after the birth of our daughter, Erin, we dispersed the Saanen herd and since that time have bred LaManchas. We have always maintained a small, select group of animals. Our herd is linear appraised and shown on a regular basis. Our kids are raised on a CAE preventive program. Our herd was tested for CAE in March, 2022, and all animals tested were CAE negative.

We offer a limited number of kids for sale each year. We feel our prices are very reasonable when you consider the quality. Kids are priced starting at $350. All prices are at one month of age. Kids left here over one month will be charged $5.00 per day.

We require a $100.00 deposit to order a kid. Please make all deposits or final payments payable to William Griner or Martha Griner. We fill orders on a first come first served basis. Deposits are returned only if we are unable to fill your order. Full payment of the balance due must be made within ten days of notice of availability. The buyer will pay the full cost of shipping, crate, and health papers. All shipments are made from the Philadelphia International Airport, or the animal can be picked up from the farm. Kids are shipped at one month of age.

We hope you will enjoy viewing our LaManchas.


Bill, Martha & Erin Griner
21 Bordentown Chesterfield Rd
Chesterfield, NJ 08515

Martha, Bill & Erin

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