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Little Orchard LaMancha Dairy Goats

Our Sires:

Little Orchard WP Rocket Man     L2012473

Little Orchard WP Rocket Man

Red & White     DOB: 2-05-2019

Sire: *B Welshans_Acres E Pharaoh L1923646
     SS: +*B SG Lucky*Star's LX Equity L1672898
     SD: SGCH Welshans-Acres Witchy Poo 11*M
          L1647222, 4-05 EEEE 91

Dam: Little Orchard CD Pure Grace 13*M
          L1873502 2-03 VVVV 87
     DS: *B CH Barnowl Count Dracula L1791796
          3-05 VEV 88
     DD: SGCH Little Orchard SM Phyllis 12*M
          L1718966, 4-05 EEEE 91

Rocket Man is a very correct buck kid. He is very long bodied with tremendous width throughout. He stands on strong, correct feet and legs. Rocket Man is very flashy and should produce some exciting kids.

Autumn-Acres EE Emblem     L2012869

Autumn-Acres EE Emblem

Black     DOB: 2-23-2019

Sire: *B Kastdemur's Cutting Edge L1682326
     SS: ++B One*Oak*Hill Tumbleweed Talon
          AL1100287, 5-07 EEE 90
     SD: GCH Kastdemur's Venezuela 4*M L1558644
          2-06 EEEE 89

Dam: CH Autumn-Acres Chocolate Eclair
     DS: Kastdemur's Raising The Bar L1783741
        1-05 +++ 82
     DD: CH Autumn-Acres Excel's Escapade L1692522

We were very excited to be able to obtain Emblem. He comes from a very strong doe line. He is a very correct buck kid. We love his levelness, length of body and depth of body. He is very smoothly blended. We are eager to see his kids.

*Lucky 4-Leaf CD Legacy     L2017050

Lucky 4-Leaf CD Legacy

Gray/Brown, Wide White Belt     DOB: 3-17-2019

Sire: *B CH Barnowl Count Dracula L1791796
          3-05 VEV 88
     SS: +*B SG Lone Thistle Presto AL1518634
          7-01 EEE 91
     SD: SGCH Barnowl Carmilla 3*M AL1522783
          6-03 EEEE 92

Dam: GCH Little Orchard V Morning Dew 11*M
          L1511345 5-01 VEEE 91
     DS: +B Lit'L Dutch VG Vision L1440392
          1-05 ++V 83
     DD: SGCH Little Orchard BR Joyful Song 10*M
          L1290538 8-04, EEEE 92

Legacy is a real power house. He is huge for his age with tremendous width and depth of body. He is long and level over the top and stands on sound feet and legs. We look forward to seeing his kids.

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