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Whether you wish to promote your farm, small business, or animal breeding, I can help you with a custom-designed web site.

The first step is to contact me so we can discuss your needs. It is best to contact me by email so that we both have a record of what you want and what I have promised you. I am happy to answer any and all questions you may have, whether you decide to hire me or not.

With input from you I will work up a prototype template for your site. We can tweak it until you are satisfied.

Once you approve the design and give me the go-ahead, I will begin constructing your site. You will provide me with text and images for each page of the site. Your materials can be sent by postal mail (hard copy or CD) or email.

A complete website will include, at no additional cost, a hit counter if desired, internal and external hyperlinks, mailbox configuration,  search engine optimization. Also at no extra cost your site will be promoted on social networking sites such as Facebook. Most recently, all the sites I'm maintaining have been issued security certificates so they are now secure https sites. All new sites will include this additional security at no extra cost.

The cost of your site's design, development and maintenance will vary according to what you want on your site. Contact me and let me know what your needs are and what you envision for your site. Then I can give you an idea of what I can do for you, make recommendations, and provide you with the prices.

I price websites according to the components on the site so you only pay for the items you ordered. I do not offer package deals.

At this time I do not require a deposit up front. After you have approved your site's design (template) I will start building your site. At that point I will send you an itemized bill after the first of each month for any work done during the previous month. If I cannot come up with a design that is acceptable to you then you owe me nothing.

Maintenance is priced by the minute with no minimum session fee, no yearly maintenance agreement. Again, you pay only for the work done for you.

Payment is by check or money order via postal mail. I do not accept PayPal payments.

A web Host provides a place to park your website and much more. Since all hosts are not created equal my websites are hosted by Khimaira-GreenEarthHost. Khimaira provides the support and features I need to build and maintain a great website for you.

As a Khimaira Preferred Designer I can set up your hosting for you or you may make arrangements directly with Khimaira. Either way I will give you a $15 discount for hosting with Khimaira.

I can maintain your site for you with updates, additions, and deletions as directed by you.

Maintenance is charged by the minute with no minimum session fee, no maintenance agreements. Some work, like new pages, new photo edits may be charged by the piece.

You may choose to maintain your site yourself. I have no way of knowing if you will be able to do this easily. Some of my clients have quite successfully taken over the maintenance of their sites. I do not offer tutorials but I can advise you on methods and software and recommend tutorials available on the web. Once a client has modified his/her website then I am no longer involved in maintaining that site.

I prefer not to do updates to sites that I did not design.

Joomla! is free open-source software that is installed on the server to develop and manage your website through databases rather than HTML files. Joomla! is a Content Management System that offers a set of core components that can be expanded using the many extensions and plug-ins that are available for free or at low cost.

The appearance of a Joomla! website is defined by a template. Your site will use a commercial template selected and configured to fit your needs.

This website is a Joomla! site. It utilizes a commercial template and a number extensions and plug-ins.

Joomla! is available for new site construction or I can convert your old HTML site to Joomla! to give it a face lift and increase its functionality. The benefits of Joomla! over HTML include the availability of many special features and ease of maintenance. I do recommend you consider a new Joomla! site if you are still using an HTML site, for a more up-to-date look and easier maintenance.

I don't generally charge for the purchase of commercial templates or plug-ins used on your site. One day an exception to that may come along but so far I only charge for installation and configuration.

More information about Joomla! is available at

WordPress is a Content Management System that is the most popular blogging software on the web. Using and maintaining a WordPress site is very user friendly. Once I have installed the system and configured it for you, you can take over with little assistance from me.

A WordPress Blog can be used to add a blogging capability to your existing website or you can have a stand-alone blog. For an example go to Trinity Rose and click on Goat Blog or North Valley Farms and click on Blog.

More information about WordPress is available at Wordpress offers a large collection of free themes (templates).